Ware Housing

Marvel Freight takes care of your end-to-end warehousing and distribution logistics, from our strategic network of storage facilities.

Shipping is one of the most important processes handled by a warehouse because it moves a product from a client to a customer. While it might seem like a straightforward process, shipping is actually a complex series of steps that need to be performed perfectly to ensure orders get to where they need to be on time, in good condition and according to the client’s wants and needs.


There are three basic shipping process steps used in a warehouse or distribution center:

  • Aggregate and manage order information
  • Pick, pack, weigh, choose carrier and label
  • Ship the order


Aggregate and manage order information: This step involves getting the order information, validating addresses, confirming inventory availability, combining orders going to the same address (or separating orders going to different addresses) and preparing the order for shipment.

Pick, pack, weigh, choose carrier and label: This is the process of picking and packing the products ordered, weighing the shipment, choosing the right carrier and labeling the package for delivery to the end customer’s address.

Ship the order: Shipping involves transferring the package to the selected carrier and updating the shipping information to all parties.

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